A-Reconocimiento facial / detección de temperatura GM-OYS-FG01


Hay existencias

Dual Camera: 1xVideo,1xLiving detection

2MP SONY Sensor, 1080p@30fps

Operating system: Linux

AI processor:MX3520, DDR3 512MB, EMMC 8GB

LED Light: Infrared Light, White Light

Interface: RS485, RS232, RJ45, Relay output, Reset key Rated voltage: dc 12V input


Hay existencias

◆Face Recognition, Face Capture,Face Comparison

◆Temperature Detection

◆Fever Warning, Mask Detection

◆Support data output and Management: complete face capture,recognition,temperature records

◆More Secure:Non-contact forehead temperature detection to prevent cross-infection

◆High Precision: temperature detection distance 0.5-1M,0.75M is best, temperature error range ±0.3°C

◆More Efficient: face recognition distance: 0.5-2.2M Recognition Speed/Accuracy: 200ms, 99.5%

◆Face database 30,000pcs,support date import and output

◆Aircraft-grade aluminum and 7 inch ISP LCD screen 1024*600

◆Easy-operation to connect to gate machine

◆Installation site: school, community, company, office building, super market, station etc.

◆ Wall Bracket is optional



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